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The Unerasure Projekt

The Unerasure Projekt

The Unerasure Projekt – Check it Out!

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The Unerasure Projekt is focused on reclaiming hidden legacies in ourselves, communities, and world. We build community across cultures and generations to transcend the history we’ve inherited by choosing to make our own. We facilitate dialogue and learning in schools, communities, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and business and advocate for hands-on engagement in Germany and beyond, and tap the inspiration of the arts to expand our audiences’ avenues of expression.

We envision a world free of hatred, war, and genocide, no longer leaving legacies of suffering for all those harmed by physical, structural, or emotional violence, whether directly, ancestrally, or both.

While The Unerasure Projekt has universal resonance and applicability, our initial programs relate to the devastating erasure the Nazis perpetrated and the acts of unerasure that are emerging and possible through survivors, refugees, and their descendants, as well as allies on all sides of this horror, wherever they now call home. As opportunities arise and our capacity grows, we hope to partner with initiatives that similarly seek to reclaim hidden truths. These include reparations for enslavement and other racial atrocities in the US, cultural genocide in Canada and beyond, rematriation of unceded native land in the US, healing for

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